Rules & Etiquette

Want to play in our play room? Come on in… but first, make note.

Failure to comply with any of the following will ensure you are removed. Fast.


That big C word we know and love.

NO MEANS NO. So don’t mess with the meaning.

Consent is key, so make sure you have it from every person you play with.

If someone says “no” don’t take it too personally. ‘No’ is not an offense, but it is an instruction.


Talk before you play.

Set up your boundaries.

Know your safe words.

State your hard no’s… enjoy the hard yeses.


The universal ‘safe’ word.

If you hear this word, it means you stop.

No questions. No judgements. No renegotiations.

Music too loud? Ball-gag stopping you speak? Make sure you have a gesture lined up as a back up.


It’s OK to watch (you kinky F*cker), but keep a distance.

Be respectful of those playing.

Do not interrupt a scene, or assume that you’re invited.

You’re probably not. But if you are? They’ll let you know. Just make sure it’s consensual.


Keep an awareness of your surroundings.

Don’t bust out your flogger if there are people right behind you. Sounds obvious? You’d be surprised.

If you’re playing hardcore and at risk of hurting others, ask a DM to safeguard your scene – they’re there to hold space.


Also known as: Dungeon Monitors.

Not to be argued with.

Only to be respected.

They’re there to make sure you have a good time, so use them.

Speak to someone if something is a problem.

Listen if they speak to you – perhaps YOU are the problem.


No solo wanking.

Be considerate of others.

Their party is not your party, and vice versa… so, don’t be a dick.

Ask for pronouns. Be respectful of identities. Never assume what you don’t know.

Be kind to your fellow kinksters, and everyone around you.


Clean up your scene.

If you use the furniture, wipe it down when you finish. No wants to sit in your sweat, babe.

Use a condom, even with a partner.

Use a condom, even on your toys….

Use your own toys, don’t borrow someone else’s.


Play to what you know, and don’t play with any judgement.

Don’t drink and kink – be smart with what you’re doing.

Know when to stop. And know when to have fun…