IMAGINARIUM 25: Ravepocalypse

London’s original sci-fi fetish rave returns to its roots with a post-apocalyptic theme!

Dancing and naughtiness in one of the few truly underground nightclubs left in Vauxhall!

Live your fantasies and embrace the freedom of a totally accepting crowd as you rave into the morning with our veteran DJs, play with partners or new friends and revel in our decadent cabaret artists, safely cocooned in our make-believe world of custom decor, outlandish costumes and friendly faces.



In this episode….


Stranded, out of contact with the orbiting Imaginarium, the #imagifam go full road warrior as they fight off zombies, rival gangs, and the remnants of a corrupt military on a gasoline-soaked, irradiated backwater planet light-years from civilisation!

Everyone knows you wear latex after the nukes fall right? ;)

Get in touch with your inner badass as we enter…the RAVEPOCALYPSE!


Proper DJs
International Cabaret Stars
Circus Sideshows
Podium Dancers
Dungeon and Playroom
Super friendly atmosphere



Voodoo Lynch Mob
Simon Iridium
Rob Maynard
Rockit Riyad
Miles Metric
G Minor


Bitter & Twisted
Bambi Blue
TK Maxxx


As well as the awesome entertainment –

2 Dance floors
Smoking Area


Fetish/Fantasy Dresscode – No Effort, No Entry!
Just Be Fabulous (TM)

For RAVEPOCALYPSE it’s all about grease, guns and gasoline!

Dieselpunk warriors, zombies, soldiers, gang members (come as a group in your colours!), mutants, strange alien beasts, assassins, spies, femme fatales, corrupt priests and gun-toting nuns. No gender rules of course – get subversive!

Costume suggestions: as always we welcome all tribes and subcultures to Imaginarium! Goth, cyber, raver, latex, uniform, furry, etc etc



We’re having a lot of fun posing with our toy guns on our photoshoot but there are considerations with anything that looks like it could seriously injure somebody at a party!

Firstly, if your character is armed please be careful on your way to the event, don’t cause a terror scare and be patient with security on your way in.

We ask that if you have weapons that can be fired then that you restrict yourselves to Nerf type weapons that fire foam projectiles.

Once inside, please be sensitive if anyone is uncomfortable around any particular object or behaviour, and try not to accidentally bash people in the head etc if you have big stuff strapped to you.

We trust you but there will be zero tolerance to any dangerous behaviour.

Thank you.



We’ve always been incredibly proud and grateful that 99.7% of our guests are super respectful of other patrons and great at communicating. We are a “fetish” event and we do provide a space for people to get up to whatever they want at our events. However we stipulate that anyone going into that space does so as a couple or small group specifically to play with each other. There is a space downstairs which is more public but the upstairs space is not for voyeurism. Do not attempt interact with anyone else upstairs unless *specifically* invited to do so as this will lead to you being ejected.

As stated most people are so good and we get so much great feedback about how people find our party to be much less creepy, with a lot less uninvited physical contact, than most London events, which we are super appreciative of! We just thought it was worth reminding everyone that if you aren’t sure, ask! And no means no. Thank you.


Over 18s Only – ID may be required.
Right of Admission Reserved
December 9th 2017
UNION, 66 Albert Embankment, Vauxhall, SE1 7TP
Tickets sold via Skiddle.


Imaginarium produced by Father Lynch and Rob Voodoo,
and made possible by the Imagifam.
Always by and for the community and totally not for profit.

Music Genres: Drum n Bass, House, Breaks, Techno