The crew of the Imaginarium infiltrate a Galactic Council diplomatic event searching for a deadly part-machine assassin on the run from justice – and yet it seems the cyborgs outnumber the pure-breed organics! Don your mask – you will go to the ball!

Two dance floors * World class cabaret acts * Stage dancers * Custom Decor *Dungeon and Playroom provided by Playpenz *

Legendary Imaginarium atmosphere.
Not for profit: by the community, for the community.


Confirmed DJs:

Voodoo Lynch Mob (Imaginarium)
Cat La Chappelle (Torture Garden)
Miles Metric (Guilty Pleasures)
Wedge (Wonderland)
Heleness (From the Flames)
Juliette LaGuardia
Maru Ten

Galactic Cabaret:

We bring veteran international cabaret talent to our stage each and every time!

Bambi Blue
Apple Tart



We are very excited to be officially endorsed by Cyberdog for this event! A 20% off code will be mailed out with your tickets, valid up until midnight on the day of the event. Visit to shop for all your future-clothing needs!


Maskadelic are two artists specialising in laser cut PVC masks and accessories – many of which glow in UV light. Visit their shop here: to have a browse – Maskadelic will have a shop onsite at Imaginarium 22!


Tickets from / bit/ly/img22tix
£10 / £12 / £15/ £20
£25 on the door.
10pm-6am / Last Entry: 3am.

Over 18s Only. ID is now required by local licensing – please ensure all members of your group bring ID to avoid disappointment.
Right of Admission Reserved.


Imaginarium is very proud of our safe and friendly atmosphere! Our hosts are there to help with any issues. They are the ones in yellow vests – if there are any issues at all please go speak to them!



At Imaginarium we have a simple dresscode policy: no effort, no entry – just be fabulous!

We are a community where no one is judged on how much they spent or whether an outfit is store bought or hand made. Our events all have specific themes and costume suggestions but you are free to come as whatever you like. Streetwear is not acceptable however: no blue jeans, no white trainers, logo t-shirts, tracksuits etc.

As this is the Cyborg Masked Ball of course masks are encouraged but get creative with your interpretations! Likewise, a cyborg might not be obviously part machine from the outside – don’t feel you have to incorporate robot parts in your costume. As ever any interpretation of Fetish, Goth, Rave, Cyber and Fantasy are very welcome.

Suggestions/inspirations for this event: Aliens, Terminator, Star Trek, Ghost in the Shell, Great Gatsby, Eyes Wide Shut, cabaret, burlesque, vaudeville, military, uniform, El wire/UV/glow (there will be UV in the venue)