IMAGINARIUM 29: Cyber Punk


Neon lights fizzle and spit as the rain drums down on the scarred syn-crete. The night is patrolled by the hulking forms of the enhanced enforcers of the brothel-pimps and the sinewy assassins of the hacker-dojos. Their hyper rich elite clientele flit from establishment to floating limousine, shielded from the hammering of the rain by their personal shields.

This is Vauxhall, 2077.



A dystopian vision of a future London, sleaze run (even more) rampant, cyborgs, hackers, elites, synthetic humans, pleasure-bots, vigilantes, smugglers and those thrown away by the oppressive system in a whirlwind of seedy neon and holographic advertising.


Imaginarium 29!

After our March and September events this year Rob Voodoo is taking a year out from Imaginarium, so while Imaginarium continues, these are the last two events of the initial run. Don’t miss out!

As ever we bring you two amazing dancefloors, their fires stoked by the finest DJs on the fetish scene. Heavy heavy bass and plenty of variety throughout the night. This accompanied by pulse-quickening cabaret and sideshow acts, custom decor and lighting, couples room, mini-dungeon, chill out room, and that totally inspiring Imaginarium atmosphere, incredibly welcoming, safe and full of the most colourful and creative creatures.




Room 1: Android Auditorium

Voodoo Lynch Mob
Simon Iridium
Father Lynch
Love Lizard (the comeback set!)

Room 2: Bar Robotica

Peter Andrews
Don Capello
Sub Ideal


Am Statik
Storm Hooper



CYBERPUNK inspirations: Bladerunner, Minority Report, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Star Wars, Star Trek, William Gibson, Mad Max…

Cyborgs, aliens, hackers, whores, bounty hunters, gangsters, pleasure-seekers and smugglers… the cybernetically enhanced, the gaudy denizens of future Vauxhall.

Can’t think of a specific themed costume? As always we welcome all alternative tribes and subcultures to Imaginarium! Goth, cyber, raver, latex, uniform, furry, etc etc



Please remember though that this is a dress code event: NO WHITE TRAINERS, BLUE JEANS, SPORTS TEAM SHIRTS or anything else that looks like you are off to the pub! As always our rule is no effort, no entry, just be fabulous!

We do reserve the right to refuse admission, with no refunds, if the dress code is not observed. This is to ensure that everyone is fully committed to the party – and that those that are wearing very daring outfits and, expressing what may be quite a personal part of themselves, are able to feel 100% safe and comfortable.


With a theme like this, some characters are obviously going to be armed, and that’s ok! Please DO NOT try to bring any actual bladed weapons, or any realistic replica firearms, into the club. The reasons should be obvious but: not scaring other people in the club, not hurting anyone, not getting arrested on your way to the venue, being allowed into the venue etc etc.

Please keep any armaments *obviously* fun and safe, even if that means compromising your character.



We’ve always been incredibly proud and grateful that 99.7% of our guests are super respectful of other patrons and great at communicating. We are a ‘fetish’ event and we do provide a space for people to get up to whatever they want at our events. However we stipulate that anyone going into that space does so as a couple or small group specifically to play with each other. There is a space downstairs which is more public but the upstairs space is not for voyeurism. Do not attempt interact with anyone else upstairs unless *specifically* invited to do so as this will lead to you being ejected.

As stated most people are so good and we get so much great feedback about how people find our party to be much less creepy, with a lot less uninvited physical contact, than most London events, which we are super appreciative of! We just thought it was worth reminding everyone that if you aren’t sure, ask! And no means no. Thank you.


Over 18s Only – ID may be required.
Right of Admission Reserved
March 23rd 2019
UNION, 66 Albert Embankment, Vauxhall, SE1 7TP
Tickets sold via Skiddle.


Imaginarium promotional images by Pixel Voodoo.
Many thanks, as always, from Rob to the Team.
Imaginarium produced by Father Lynch and Rob Voodoo,
and made possible by the Imagifam.
Always by and for the community and totally not for profit.

Music Genres: Drum n Bass, House, Breaks, Techno