New website is now LIVE!

That’s right, this very website has had a major overhaul and is now LIVE with lots of new content for you to sink your teeth into.

To give you guys a break down of the site so far

  • NEWS is where you will find all the latest from us on anything and everything Imaginarium.
  • EVENTS has all the info you need to know about the next Imaginarium event. Whether  it be our own or hosting a room for another promoter.
  • TICKETS says it all really, get your tickets for the next event here.
  • ABOUT US gives you a little look into us and how we began and where we will be going. To boldly go where no Imaginariumist has gone before!
  • In FAQ we try and answer some of your most commonly asked questions.
  • Find all our promos and more coming soon in VIDEO.
  • AUDIO will host live sets and studio mix’s from some of our DJ talent. There will be music from previous Imaginarium events and promos mix’s for the future.
  • Find pics from all our super skilled photographers in our GALLERY. We have pics from all our previous events so get in there and see for your self what we are all about.
  • And CONTACT US for anything. More info on events, questions on what you should wear, want to DJ for us or perform an act on stage.. this is wear you go.

The site will be constantly updating with new content in all areas so check back regularly, and we still have some tabs still to be added. Expect to see soem content from the expanded Imaginarium universe with bios for DANCE FREAKZ, the rag tag bunch that is the starship CREW and of course the CAPTAINS Lynch ‘n’ Voodoo.