Below we try and answer any questions you might have regarding attending Imaginarium. If you have any additional question that we have not highlighted here please feel free to mail us at info@imaginariumevents.com and we will do our best answer.

Q. What can I expect at Imaginarium?
A. A Positively Polysensual Laboratory in Outer Rave Space! A safe poly-sexual environment where ones
Imagination can be expressed.

Q. Do I have to be a member of Imaginarium?
A. No membership needed.

Q. Is there an age restriction?
A. 18 and over.

Q. The dress code says no effort, no entry. What does this mean?
A. This is to keep Imaginarium a safe and secure place for our party people. To keep everybody on the same level and to not break the atmosphere of the event. We don’t expect people to spend a month’s wages on an outfit, but use your imagination and perhaps wear something you wouldn’t in normal everyday life. We WILL be turning people away who have made no effort.

Q.I don’t know what to do for an outfit, where can I get some ideas?
A. There are many options for an outfit, use your imagination and let your expressive self free. Wearing a hoody and jeans is not an outfit, but a waist coat and a funky accessories could be. Or you can go all out with your creativity. CYBER, BURLESQUE, FETISH, RAVE, SCIFI, STEAMPUNK, FANTASY are all styles you will find in the Imaginarium.
Check out the gallery of past events to see what others have come dressed as.

Q. Where can I get tickets?
A. You can get your tickets from skiddle.com or this very website.

Q. How much are the tickets?
A. We operate a tiered ticket system. From Early birds to Standard Advance. After that its on the door, we all ways hold back tickets for the door. For prices please check on skiddle or tickets tap on this site.

Q. When will I receive my tickets?
A. All tickets will be via email on ordering from skiddle.

Q. Where is Imaginarium?
A. Club Union in Vauxhall. http://www.clubunion.co.uk/Union/Welcome.html
66 Albert Embankment

Q. What is the nearest station if coming by public transport?
A. Vauxhall Underground, National Rail and Bus stations.

Q. Is there parking?
A. There is normally parking spaces available on the streets around the venue.

Q. Is Imaginarium wheel chair friendly?
A. Yes it is.

Q. Am I allowed to bring my own camera?
A .We operate a no camera policy. This is to protect people in the adult and sometimes kinky playground of Imaginarium. We normally have professional photographers on the night, if they dont snap you please approach them to have your amazing outfit immortalized.

Q. Is there a cloak room?
A. Yes there is a secure cloak room.

Q. Do you have a changing area?
A. Afraid not, but pick a space and make it your own changing room. No need to be shy.

Q. Is there a smoking area?
A. Yes there is.

Q. The atmosphere of the night has got my partner and I a little frisky! Is there a private place we can go?
A. Yes, we have a couples only room located on the red light deck.

Q. Will the music be loud and dirty?
A. Ohhhh yes!

Q. Will the music be loud and dirty?
A. Ohhhh yes!

Q. Should I tell my friends to come?
A. Yes, you should tell everybody!